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Research-based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children Under 3 Years Old

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Screen Time Tips & Plans 

Digital Media Management & Media Literacy 

Media Time Family Pledge 

Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents

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Shortsightedness in digital age

Tech in class a good thing? 

How FB knows your friends better than you 

How Internet Addiction Changes the Brain 

Temptation Faced by Internet Addicts

Digital Addiction Spreading 

Kids Need to Learn Self Regulation 

Various Articles on Media & Children by AAP 

Dangers of Sexting 

Sleeping Near a Smartphone Can Disturb Sleep

Tablets Disrupt Sleep 

iPhone Separation Anxiety is Real 

Texting Shorthand Used by Teens 

Digital Detox - How to Unplug 

Why Are Good Apps for Kids Hard to Find? 

Pediatricians Say No to Digital Devices for Kids Under 2 Years 

Screen Guidelines by Pediatricians Explained 

How Can I Teach My Child About Online Behaviour? 

Screen Free Kids Have Better Social Skills 

Kids Do Better When Schools Ban Smartphones 

Is Giving Your Child a Tablet Lazy Parenting?

Is Your Teen Using Apps to Keep Secrets? 

No Back Up to Smartphones for Internet Access? 

Popular Brands Target Young Girls to Develop Brand Loyalty 

Masculinity Crisis Due to Porn and Video Games

How Media Addiction Affects Kids & What You Can Do

Devices that Listen

Video Games

Pedophiles Use Social Media to Steal Photos

Smartphone Addiction

Sexual Assaults by Children in School. Exposure to Porn Blamed

Digital Addiction and Kids

Screen Addiction

Online Privacy and Kids

YouTube Kids’ App Faces Complaints

Mobile Devices Affecting Posture & Perhaps Even Mental Health

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